If you are looking for a beautiful accent piece to add to a room, you can never go wrong with striped area rugs. These are available in various sizes, and most of the large ones can cover most of the floor space, depending on the size of your room.

Striped rugs are a great way to tie your room together and make it look cohesive. You can choose from various colours and shades if you are buying rugs online. Whether you want a basic two-colour one or a one with a gradient, the possibilities are endless.

While striped rugs are indeed versatile yet simple, there are certain things you may want to consider when decorating your room with striped rugs, such as:

Does Your Interior Design Theme Match It?

Striped area rugs go nicely with a wide range of interior design concepts. Modern designs such as the mid-century modern concept can benefit from the striped pattern as it adds some drama to a space. The clean lines of stripes will also complement any modern look.

These rugs are also incredible for rooms with beach and nautical themes. You can get simple rugs with blue and white stripes to give off a coastal vibe. 

You can also pair abstract stripes with diverse settings where you are displaying art. It will not clash too much with the designs on the art pieces.

How Will You Incorporate the Stripes into Your Room?

When decorating with striped area rugs, bear in mind that the lines provide depth to the space and, depending on the size of the stripes, make the room appear larger. 

Stripes may help create a more expansive atmosphere in smaller areas. Monochromatic stripes are a delicate design that doesn't overpower smaller rooms.

You can place a striped area rug at the foot of the bed to make it look trendy. You can also add them to your dining area to make your dining table and chairs stand out. 

It is best to use striped area rugs in spaces without many designs and patterns to avoid an overwhelming clash in visuals.

A Rule of Thumb When It Comes to Striped Area Rugs

To avoid too much contrast when designing with striped area rugs, the colours on the area rug must match the colour scheme of the space you choose to use it in. 

If you frequently change the design in the room, stick to basic hues like black and white to create a versatile, timeless style that will not become outdated in the future.

Horizontal stripes may also make a small space look larger. If you're designing a lengthy corridor, go for a rug with broad, chunky stripes to make the area feel bigger. Choose an area rug with horizontal lines to draw the eye downward and lower a high ceiling in the space.

Choose an area rug with varied stripes travelling in all directions if the space appears too solid and requires a touch of whimsy. 

Warm hues like orange, tan, and avocado may also offer contrast to dark hardwood floors. A pastel-striped area rug will go well with the neutral colour scheme if your floor is light-coloured.


Striped area rugs go nicely with a wide range of interior design concepts. They are available in different hues and materials, and you can also pair them with any room design and decor. You can even get cheap floor rugs to boost your room's ambience.

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