Ted Baker Rugs

Ted Baker, a prestigious British fashion house, extends its flair for design into the realm of designer rugs. These pieces uniquely merge traditional and contemporary aesthetics, creating an exceptional decor statement. Hand-tufted from wool blends, their rugs come alive with vibrant, fashion-forward prints. The hallmark of a Ted Baker rug lies in its uncompromised quality and craftsmanship. With premium materials like wool and viscose, these rugs promise superior durability and longevity. But it's not just about the materials. The meticulous attention to detail in crafting each rug ensures a superior product that is as unique as it is luxurious. When you choose a Ted Baker rug, you're not just adding a piece to your space; you're introducing a touch of enduring luxury.
Among the most popular styles in the Ted Baker collection, the Zodiac rugs truly captivate. These iconic prints transform your home into a mystical sanctuary, lending an enchanting touch to any room. Be it under a coffee table or beside your bed, they're sure to elevate your decor. Intriguingly diverse, Ted Baker's round rugs feature everything from geometric and floral patterns to animal-inspired designs. Their palette runs the gamut from bold hues to understated tones, promising to enhance any space. To infuse your home with contemporary charm, look no further than the Ted Baker rug collection. With their unique reinterpretations of classic designs, these rugs embody the perfect blend of style and comfort, making them an irresistible addition to any stylish, comfort-loving home.
Choosing the ideal Ted Baker designer rug to complement your decor can be a delightful and straightforward process with these handy tips. Start by examining the colour scheme of your room. Given Ted Baker's vast selection of iconic prints and diverse colours, ranging from vibrant to subtle, you're guaranteed to find a rug that harmoniously fits your space. Consider the vibe of your room next - is it more traditional or leaning toward modern? Choose a rug that echoes your room's overarching style for a cohesive look. Size matters, too. Always measure the area where you plan to place your rug. An overly large or small rug could disrupt the balance of your room. Texture also plays a critical role. Ted Baker rugs, celebrated for their premium materials, can add a unique tactile dimension to your decor. Think about how the rug's texture might enhance your existing setup. Lastly, consider the role you want your rug to play. Should it be a striking centrepiece or a subtle, blending element? This decision will guide you in narrowing down your choices. Remember, whatever you choose, a Ted Baker rug will add an undeniable touch of luxury to your home.
Yes, a Ted Baker designer rug can be used in high-traffic areas of your home. But because it's precious, we recommend placing it in quieter regions - or at least away from common paths & doorways. High-traffic areas tend to collect more dust and dirt, which can damage the rug's fibres and colour over time.
Yes, our Ted Baker designer rugs can be made to order with custom sizing. Contact us to get a quote.

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