Wedgwood Rugs

Wedgwood is one of the designer brands that are famous for their top-notch quality and craftsmanship. And you can see that in their designer rugs. They have a long history and a rich background in making beautiful, functional pottery products. They've brought dedication to detail, quality, and design to their rug collection. These rugs are hand-tufted and typically made from 100% wool pile, a fantastic material. It's durable and soft and keeps its shape well. With their iconic patterns and classic colour palette, they create a work of art, adding a touch of elegance and luxury feel to any space. What sets them apart from other brands is their attention to detail for every single stitch being created. A true reflection of the brand's commitment to quality, design, and sustainability.
Wedgwood offers a wide range of rug styles and designs that cater to different interior design themes and preferences. One of their most popular collections is the Folia, which features a modern interpretation of a classic Wedgwood design. This collection offers a variety of rug sizes, including runners, area rugs, and even round-shaped rugs. The design incorporates a beautiful blend of colours that enhance the natural beauty of the wool material, making it a great choice for modern and contemporary spaces. Another popular option is the Hummingbird collection. It features a detailed depiction of graceful hummingbirds as they flutter and sip nectar from an array of blossoming flowers. A mesmerising display of intricate artistry and vibrant colours will transform any space into a tranquil paradise. If clean lines and bold angles are your style, the Wedgwood Arris, Gio, and Renaissance collection will seamlessly integrate with modern decor, elevating your home design to the next level.
To choose a Wedgwood designer rug that compliments your existing décor, first, look at your room and its style. Is it modern or traditional, maybe eclectic or minimalist? Knowing this will help you find a Wedgwood rug design that fits the vibe. You also want to pay attention to the colour scheme. With these rug's bold colours and patterns, finding one that matches your dominant and accent colours will create a cohesive look. Patterns are another important aspect. You can find a perfect match from these rug's chic designs and lovely florals to captivating geometric shapes. Size is also crucial. Measuring the space where the rug will be placed and picking a size that works well with your furniture arrangement can tie the room together and create balance. By considering these factors, you'll be able to find the perfect Wedgwood designer rug that not only matches your existing decor but also adds that extra touch of elegance.
Yes, a Wedgwood designer rug can be used in a high-traffic area of your home. But because it's precious, we recommend placing it in quieter areas - or at least away from common paths and doorways. High-traffic areas tend to collect more dust and dirt, which can damage the rug's fibres and colour over time.
Yes, our Wedgwood designer rugs can be made to order with customer sizing. Contact us to enquire and get a quote.

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