Tribal Rugs

Tribal rugs are usually made from wool, silk, or cotton and crafted by nomadic or semi-nomadic people. What's neat about tribal rugs is that their designs tell a story about the weaver's heritage. Unlike city rugs, which are curvy and flowery, tribal rugs are usually more geometric in design. These rugs are so unique that they can be easily recognized as belonging to a specific tribe based on their traditional techniques. That's why the term "tribal" doesn't necessarily refer to a specific material or design but rather to the weavers and their way of life.
Common colours and patterns in tribal rugs vary depending on the tribe and region of origin. They often feature bold, geometric designs with natural materials and dyes. Black and white tribal rugs are the most common and feature striking geometric designs, such as those in Kilim tribal rugs.
Tribal rugs have been around for centuries and are famous for their one-of-a-kind and detailed designs. They mix various interior design styles - like bohemian, rustic, and traditional. When adding a tribal rug to a modern space, you can use it as a statement piece in a minimalist room. The rug's eye-catching geometric patterns can bring in colour and texture, making the room pop. Regarding rustic decor, tribal rugs create a warm, cosy atmosphere. Lay down a woolen rug with a tribal design, and you'll instantly add warmth and texture to the room. You can even use it as a focal point or put it in front of a fireplace for a snug seating area. And for those who love traditional decor, tribal rugs with floral designs are an excellent choice. They usually feature intricate patterns that can bring elegance to your space. You can use them in a formal living room or a bedroom to add that sophisticated touch.

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