Jute Rugs

Jute is a natural fibre that's often used for making rugs and other textiles. The jute plant produces long, soft fibres that are spun into durable threads, similar to how cotton is turned into thread. Jute is a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to other fibres as it doesn't need much water or pesticides to grow. Its toughness makes it the perfect material for rugs that experience heavy foot traffic daily.
Jute rugs are unique in that they have a natural tan colour from being dried under the sun. Plus, they mix well with other materials to create some really unique woven designs. They’re a hard natural fibre that makes them great for high-traffic areas, easy to clean, and stain resistant. It’s also a heavier fibre, much less likely to curl at the edges.
Jute rugs can be used in high-traffic areas, as the jute fibres are naturally durable, eco-friendly, and resilient. However, they may not be as long-lasting as rugs made from synthetic fibres or wool, as the jute fibre can degrade when exposed to natural sunlight. For the best results, consider placing a jute rug in areas with moderate foot traffic and preferably not exposed to intense natural light.
You can use jute rugs outdoors, but be careful not to let them get soaked. If they get too wet, they can get mouldy, and the moisture can cause the natural oils in the jute to come out, staining the rug and making it turn a darker brown. If you keep them out of direct sunlight and rain, though, they should be just fine.
Yes, a rug pad or underway is useful to stop sliding and helps keep the jute rug ends from curling up. It also helps keep the rug in place and prevents accidents or falls. Plus, a non-slip rug underlay can help cushion the rug and extend its lifespan by preventing wear and tear on the rug's underside. Lastly, a rug underlay also helps protect your floors by creating a rubber barrier between the rug's fibres and your floorboards.
What's wonderful about jute rugs is that they're super versatile and can go with pretty much any furniture style you've got. Modern, boho, traditional – you name it, a jute rug will add some warmth and texture to your space. Got a minimalist or modern vibe? Pair a jute rug with neutral-coloured furniture, like white or grey, for a sleek and simple look. If you're more into the boho or eclectic style, a jute rug will look fantastic with colourful and patterned furniture, making your space feel super cosy and inviting. And let's not forget about wooden furniture – coffee tables, chairs, bookshelves, you get the idea. Jute rugs and wood combine like peanut butter and jelly, creating a perfectly harmonious and welcoming atmosphere. Ultimately, jute rugs are a solid choice for any furniture style, making your space look amazing and inviting.

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