jute rugs

Despite some flaws, designers and clients continue to request these lovely textural weaves yearly. They accept jute fibre's limitations while celebrating its most distinguishing characteristics. However, it’s only right for potential owners to understand what product they’re buying.

In this article, we’ll share few key things about jute rugs you should know before buying one.

What Are Jute Rugs?

Jute is a soft, porous, brown fibre that closely resembles hemp. It is produced from jute plants that grow in marshes and flood plains in subtropical and tropical climates. There are many types of jute, and the fibres can be used without processing to make shoes, bags, mats and baskets.

In addition, jute is a long, thin, flat and soft plant processed into two, a rough string. The tow is spun and twisted into yarn, then woven into a wider variety of rugs and carpets.

Moreover, jute is sustainably grown, recyclable, biodegradable and does not require pesticides or herbicides for growth. It absorbs sound and is a hypoallergenic carpet. It is also a very durable and resistant fibre.

Are Jute Rugs Good for the Environment?

Yes. Jute is a sustainable and renewable resource that is biodegradable. When jute rugs or carpets are worn out, they can be recycled or repurposed. Most mats are not biodegradable and should be thrown out when they become worn out or stained. Thankfully, jute rugs and carpets have a long life span and can last for years.

Why Are Jute Rugs So Popular?

Jute rugs are popular because people love the idea of having a carpet that is reusable, strong and inexpensive. There are various styles of jute rugs that can fit into a variety of rooms. The texture of jute rugs is also popular because the soft fabric is easy to walk on and is comfortable.

Can Jute Rugs Be Cleaned?

Yes! Jute is a highly durable fibre and resists stains. Jute rugs can be easily vacuumed and cleaned. If your jute rug needs a more in-depth cleaning, it is recommended to use a damp microfiber towel.

Can Jute Rugs Be Put Outdoors?

It is best to keep jute rugs indoors and away from direct sunlight because the fibre can break down. However, Jute rugs can be used outdoors in a covered area too.. If your jute rug gets wet or damaged, you can dry it with a hairdryer or lay it flat to dry in the sun. 

How Do You Maintain Jute Rugs?

Jute rugs can be maintained by regularly vacuuming the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. You can also use a soft brush attachment to clean the carpet if necessary. 

Do Jute Rugs Shed?

Jute rugs do shed but not as much as wool rugs. You can expect a few hair strands to come up every time you vacuum, but it should not be excessive. The jute fibre has the potential to shed or break down into smaller pieces if the rug is worn out or damaged. When this happens, you can cut the loose threads, and they will not shed anymore.


There is a lot of excitement around jute rugs. These natural fibre rugs are softer than wool, more durable than cotton, and are a renewable resource. Buyers should be aware of the natural limitations of jute fibre. However, these rugs are a great addition to any room and long life span.

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