Many homeowners install a rug in their homes simply because they're good decorative pieces. After all, a home should always look beautiful, and since rugs come in different styles and designs, they're more than capable of doing the job. There are many types of rugs one can look for, such as flatweave rugs.

As the name suggests, a flatweave rug is woven flat and has no pile. The absence of fibres on the surface makes them very easy to clean and maintain. They are also easier on the feet, as some people don't enjoy standing on rugs with high piles. Furthermore, flatweave rugs offer a smooth, warm surface to walk on, making them ideal for any home. Beyond that, there are other things to know about flatweave rugs, which we'll discuss. Read on below to get started.

What Are Flatweave Rugs Made Of?

Several flatweave rugs are either made of natural material or synthetic materials. Typically, flatweave rugs made of natural material are made with wool fibres. They are pretty durable, although they are thinner compared to other rugs. At the same time, they are soft and have a natural texture that is quite pleasant to the touch.

Flatweaves rugs made with synthetic material, on the other hand, are a lot more durable than the ones made with natural material, but they are also lighter. They are made with either acrylic or polyester fibres. Still, these are remarkably durable and can last for a long time, despite being thinner than flatweave rugs made with natural materials.

As such, both types of flatweave rugs are appropriate for various homes, depending on the type of flooring. If the homeowners have hardwood floors, they may want to stick with flatweave rugs made of synthetic materials since it's less likely to cause scratches and other damages to the flooring. On the other hand, if a house has stone or ceramic tiles, a flatweave rug made of natural material is the ideal choice since it won't cause scratches on the floor like synthetic flatweave rugs.

What’s the Best Room for a Flatweave Rug?

Flatweave rugs are most often used in the living room, bedroom and hallway, but they are also more than capable of being used in other areas of the home.

Flatweave rugs in the living room can be placed under the sofas, dining area, or even under the coffee table. For the bedroom, they can be placed under or around the bed. In the bathroom, you can put it right underneath the sink. They can also be used in the hallway, just next to the front door.

However, there are several factors that homeowners need to consider before placing a flatweave rug in their homes. For instance, the type of flooring in the area where a flatweave rug is placed can significantly impact how the carpet looks and functions. Some flatweave rugs tend to slide around on the floor, so it's best to place non-slip rug pads underneath them.

How to Clean Flatweave Rugs

There are many ways to clean a flatweave rug. These include:


One way to clean flatweave rugs is to shake them. This is effective for most of the flatweave rugs out there. You have to take the rug outside the house and shake it so that the dust, hair, dirt, and other substances don't stay on the rug for long.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is another way that you can use to clean your flatweave rugs. First, you might consider wetting the rug slightly to make the steam cleaning process more manageable. Additionally, you'll want to make sure that you use a steam cleaner that comes with a sturdy base so that the moisture will be even and the cleaning process will be more effective.


Vacuuming is another way you can clean your flatweave rug at home. Simply use a vacuum cleaner that's designed for rugs and go over the rug several times until everything has been removed from it.

Machine Washing

Flatweave rugs can be hand-washed, but you can also machine wash them if you want to. If you decide to do it, make sure that the load is balanced so that the rug won't be damaged or lose its colour. Additionally, you should dry flatweave rugs at low temperatures to avoid shrinkage and maintain the shape of the rug.


Flatweave rugs are an excellent choice for nearly any home. They are easy to clean and maintain, so you don't have to spend much time cleaning and maintaining them. At the same time, they come in various colours, sizes and designs, making them even more helpful. As long as you place them in the right areas of your home, you can't go wrong with flatweave rugs.

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