Orla Kiely Rugs

Orla Kiely is an independent brand run by Orla, Dermott, and a small team who design and create beautiful products using bold prints, many of which have become iconic. Orla Kiely is a British designer inspired by modern mid-century patterns with a hint of 1960s cool “retro style’’ designs. The brand's quirky personality and creative mark are incredibly recognizable, which sets it apart from other rug brands.
Some of the most popular rug styles and designs you should check out in the Orla Kiely collection are its bold geometric shapes, cool florals, and playful patterns that'll make any space pop. The Stem design has gorgeous long leaf shapes in a repeating pattern. There's also the Linear Stem, where the same leaves are arranged straight. And the Abacus design has circles in different sizes and colours in a grid-like pattern. These retro vibes and fun twists will turn your sanctuary alive and playful.
When choosing an Orla Kiely designer rug that matches your current decor, first, look at your room's colour scheme. Is it more on the neutral side, or are there lots of bold colours? Orla Kiely has both options, so pick a rug that matches or compliments your room's vibe. Next, think about the rug's pattern and design. If your decor already has many ways, maybe go for a rug that's simpler or has solid colours. If your room is more plain, you can confidently go for a bolder pattern to spice things up. Consider the size and shape, ensuring you measure the area where you want to put the rug before buying it. Orla Kiely offers many different sizes and shapes, so you'll find something that fits your space perfectly. Lastly, trust your gut! Choose a rug that makes you happy and feels like it belongs in your home. Remember, your place should be a reflection of who you are. So pick a rug that vibes both of you and your decor.
Yes, Orla Kiely designer rugs can be used in high-traffic areas of your home. But due to their delicate nature and value, it is recommended that they are used in quieter areas, or at least away from common paths and doorways. High-traffic areas tend to collect more dust and dirt, which can damage the rug's fibres and colour over time.
Yes, our Orla Kiely designer rugs can be made to order with custom sizing. Contact us to get a quote.

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