Floral Rugs

When choosing a floral rug to complement your existing decor, firstly, take a look at the colours and patterns in your room that you already have. You want to find a floral rug that matches or goes well with what you've got going on. To unify your floral rug with its surroundings, use accessories (such as pillows, vases, and throws) in a single colour or two that repeats throughout the room. And don't forget about size. You don't want a rug that's too big or too small for your space. Make sure it's proportional to your furniture so everything looks right.
To incorporate a floral rug into your bedroom or living room, first off, make that rug the star of the show. Use it as a focal point and build your decor around it. Don’t think a room has to be all one colour and pattern. Mixing textures, patterns, and colours can make an interesting look if everything coordinates nicely.

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