Viscose Rugs

Viscose rugs offer several benefits that can make them an appealing choice for your home. First, they're known for their luxurious sheen, which can mimic the look and feel of silk at a more affordable price point. This gives viscose rugs a glamorous and sophisticated aesthetic. Second, viscose rugs are lightweight and soft, adding a comfortable element to your space. Lastly, viscose is a versatile material dyed in many colours, allowing various styles and designs. However, viscose rugs may require more careful handling and cleaning than other materials.
While viscose rugs are loved for their luxurious sheen and silky texture, there are more durable options for high-traffic areas. Viscose, also known as artificial silk, is quite delicate and can show signs of wear more quickly than other materials. It's also susceptible to water damage and can be challenging to clean. Therefore, viscose rugs are best suited to low-traffic areas like bedrooms or sitting rooms, where they can be admired and kept in good condition for longer.
Viscose rugs have a sleek and sophisticated look with a subtle sheen. Compared to other natural fibres like wool and cotton, viscose has a more consistent texture because it's made in a factory. It's also really soft to the touch, so it's great for creating a cosy and inviting space. Unlike silk, viscose can be mixed with other materials like wool or cotton, which opens up a world of different textures and patterns.

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