Oval Rugs

Yes, oval rugs can be used in any room, but there are some areas where they work particularly well. They're especially suited in dining rooms with round or oval tables – the rug's shape complements the table and makes the space look fantastic. They give wonders in bedrooms, too. An oval rug under your bed creates a cosy vibe. Plus, bonus points if your room's smaller because the rug's shape can make it feel roomier. Living and family rooms can also rock these rugs, especially if you have a curved couch or round coffee table. It'll tie everything together and give the room a cohesive feel.
A commonly used material for oval rugs is wool. It's durable and feels soft to the touch. But if you're on a budget, synthetic fibres like polypropylene and polyester can be great options too. We mostly stock jute oval rugs, but there are some wool ones if you're interested.
When trying to find the perfect oval rug to go with your current decor, first, you want to find a rug that matches or complements your room's colours. If your room has many neutrals, go for a rug with a pop of colour or an eye-catching pattern. But if your room's already colourful, you might want to tone it down with a more subtle rug. Regarding the size, you don't want a rug that will take over the whole room or one that's too small and looks out of place. Measure the spot where you want the rug, and make sure there's some extra space around the edges. The right size makes all the difference. Lastly, think about the rug's style. Oval rugs come in all sorts of designs, from traditional to modern. Pick one that goes with the aesthetic of your room. A traditional rug design will work great if you've got a classic setting. But if your space is more modern, a geometric or abstract pattern might be a better match.

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