Striped Rugs

Absolutely! Striped rugs can work in rooms with other patterns like florals or geometric designs. Stripes are super versatile and can get along with pretty much any other pattern. To rock this combo, pick two ways in colours that vibe well together. Let's say you have striped throw pillows; you can mix in a few solid and delicate floral ones to create a nice, balanced look that's easy on the eyes. Mixing patterns can be fun once you get the hang of it.
Yes, striped rugs can help set the mood or atmosphere in a room. If you're aiming for a coastal or nautical vibe, just grab a rug with blue and white stripes – it'll be perfect. You could even go for beige and white or navy and white stripes to get that relaxing, beachy feel. Want something more fun and playful? Go for a rug with bold, colourful stripes to make a statement and liven up the space. And if you're into a more classy and timeless look, you can't go wrong with a classic black and white striped rug. It's all about the colours, size, and pattern of the rug, as well as how you mix it with other elements in the room.

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