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Outdoor rugs are designed to handle the great outdoors. They're made from tough materials that can deal with rain, sun, and all that dirt that comes with being outside. You'll find outdoor rugs made from polypropylene, bamboo, jute, and even recycled plastic suitable for high-traffic areas.
Most outdoor rugs are made from polypropylene. It's a durable and weather-resistant material, perfect for outdoor use. There are other materials like polyester and nylon, but polypropylene is the most popular choice. It's the go-to material for a good reason – it's versatile and performs well outdoors.
Outdoor rugs are made to handle all sorts of weather – be it rain or sunshine. The key is to choose one made from durable and high-quality materials. Some of the best materials for outdoor rugs are polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant barrier and polypropylene (also known as olefin). These materials can put up with pretty much anything, from resisting mildew and stains to staying vibrant even under the sun's harsh UV rays. Plus, they dry fast when wet – perfect for those sudden downpours.
When choosing the perfect outdoor rug for your patio or outdoor space, think about what kind of material you want. A plastic outdoor rug is durable and easy to clean, making it a popular choice. Check out outdoor jute rugs if you're into a more natural vibe. They're made from plant fibres and have that earthy look. Need something even tougher? Go for an outdoor polypropylene rug – they're perfect for high-traffic areas and can handle almost anything. Now for colour options, a grey outdoor rug gives a modern touch, while a green one brings freshness. If you want something sleek and sophisticated, try a black outdoor rug. But a beige outdoor rug may be the way to go if you prefer a calm, neutral vibe. There's no right or wrong when choosing an outdoor rug - just consider your space and envision the look you want, then find something right.
When figuring out the right size for your outdoor rug, consider how it'll look with your furniture. You usually want to pick a rug smaller than your outdoor furniture set so it will frame nicely and help define the space. Of course, remember your patio or deck size. If you've got a lot of space to work with, feel free to go for a bigger rug to fill it up. Just ensure there's still enough room around the edges for people to move around easily.
You can use outdoor rugs indoors, too! These versatile rugs are an awesome option for your home because they're often more affordable, durable, and stylish - not to mention their ease of cleaning.

Picture yourself relaxing on a cosy rug, soaking up style and the beauty of nature. It's so good you'll forget about getting up.

Indeed, an outdoor rug brings that cosy and inviting feeling to your outdoor area, making every moment spent outdoors a delight. It’s a moment to recharge. To feel comfort. A chill space – a breath of fresh air... A peaceful sanctuary for your outdoor retreat.

But of course, you aim to ensure the longevity of your investment. That’s why we strive for a robust and practical addition to your outdoor home decor. It's a lifelong companion if well taken care of.

You’ll recall just the memories, having dinner alfresco on a hot summer eve or chilling with mates around the barbie with kids swimming in the pool. But it’s your outdoor furniture, greenery, your deck and beyond that set the scene and create the mood you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Made from resilient materials such as polypropylene, bamboo, jute, acrylic, nylon, and recycled plastics, these outdoor rugs are sure to withstand various challenges. Whether it's rain, shine, or a stampede of energetic kids, these rugs are sure to handle all of that easily. Wear and tear? Nothing to fret about.

Polypropylene rugs are indeed champions when it comes to battling the elements of unpredictable weather. Plus, it's impressive how resistant they are to UV rays. You can count on polypropylene to look great and last long!

If you prefer a more rustic & rugged look, jute rugs are an excellent pick. Nothing compares to the earthy feel it brings - a fantastic choice for those who crave an eco-friendly, organic touch for their patio or backyard.

But hold up, it's not just about looks. Our outdoor rug collection adds an extra touch of warmth and comfort to your space.


When enjoying a barbecue with friends and family, lounging by the fire pit on a January evening, or playing with the kids rolling around and having fun. No more worrying about stepping on sharp stones or cold concrete. It's like bringing the comfort of your living room right to your backyard!

Beyond comfort, these rugs are all about defining your space. They can often be the key ingredient that helps segregate your outdoor area into different zones.

Introduce a rug in a lounging area and suddenly you've got yourself a cosy haven with comfy sofas and chairs that practically entices you to sink in. Now slide that rug beneath your al fresco dining table and witness the shift - it's not just the dining area: it's a bold announcement echoing, “This is where the feasting takes centre stage!”

One more twist. Place a rug in a corner, scatter some outdoor toys – and ta-da! A play haven magically appears for your little kiddos. Rugs hold the power to transform. They are the secret sauce to outdoor enchantment.

In a way, outdoor rugs can be your magic carpet in a well-organized outdoor living area.


And let's remember protection. Outdoor rugs can withstand most weather conditions but shield your deck or patio from potential damage.


If you're accustomed to high-traffic outdoor activities or often move outdoor furniture around, an outdoor rug can protect your surface from scratches and scuffs.


So, these rugs are not just decorative accessories. They are functional, comfortable, and instrumental in defining and protecting outdoor space.


What's more? With the vast number of styles, sizes, shapes and materials available in our collection, there's bound to be an outdoor rug that perfectly fits your outdoor living style and needs.


Practicality-wise, you'll be thankful for the efficient traits when unexpected rain showers strike or the summer heat peaks. Rest assured that your rugs can maintain longevity, keeping your outdoor space looking dapper for a long time.


The best part? Cleaning them is a breeze. A good rinse, and they're as good as new! More of the benefits and maintenance of outdoor rugs can be found here.


Aside from that, the resistance to mildew and stains is just another feather in the cap of these waterproof outdoor rugs. Even if kids spill their ice cream or guests drop their food during a hearty outdoor party, your rug won't bear the brunt and can easily be cleaned.


What's truly impressive is that these rugs can maintain their vibrant colours even under the intense Aussie UV rays. This is a big deal since UV rays often cause other outdoor furniture to fade over time. But these rugs keep shining and looking vivacious, adding colour and style to your outdoor decor.


Investing in an outdoor rug equals investing in durability, attractiveness, and convenience. They perk up your space with style, outrun the weather, resist stains and mildew, and hold up their colours superbly.


And let's talk about size and placement because balance is essential. You might need a generous rug size that comfortably houses all your furniture while leaving enough open space around it.


A disproportionately large rug could overpower your outdoor setting. An ideal-sized rug should fill the open floor yet provide plenty of room around the edges for easymovement.


So, for oversized patios, terraces, or decks - large outdoor rugs offer a great way to frame your furniture and unify your conversation areas while ensuring the space feels free.


Outdoor spaces are versatile, and so should your rug choices.


Outdoor runner rugs offer an excellent way to add style and comfort to narrow or elongated areas, such as walkways and corridors. These runner rugs are ideal for providing a visual path and extending your living space even more.


Now for colour, several striking options can accentuate the elegance and charm of your outdoor space.


A grey or black rug can introduce a sense of refinement and sophistication to your patio or deck. These neutral colours act as the perfect foundation, allowing you to blend with other outdoor decor themes subtly.


Indeed, adding an artistic and vibrant touch to your outdoor spaces can enhance their appeal and create an inviting atmosphere.


This is where outdoor floral rugs come into play, contributing their distinct beauty and vibrance to your home decor. Floral rugs bring the beauty of nature. Their intricate patterns, blooming flowers, and lush foliage transform your patio, deck, or garden into wonders of nature right in your backyard!


Shifting softly, green outdoor rugs add a vibrant and calming touch to your home decor. Their leafy shades remind us of peaceful gardens or quiet woods. Mixing easily with different styles, these rugs bring a natural and balanced feel to your outdoor areas. From light to dark green, you’ll find a perfect match to suit your taste.


Transitioning to another colour, let's talk about blue outdoor rugs. A calming colour that brings feelings of peace often related to the sky and sea - a feeling you can now project to your outdoor spaces. A blue outdoor rug can create a relaxing feeling in your decor. It provides a range of blues: light like the sky, deep and captivating like the ocean.


Whether you love traditional designs or modern styles, a blue rug can fit right in. It can be the star of your decor, or take a step back for other pieces to shine. It brings a different kind of brightness to your space. Calm and soothing, yet stylish and inviting.


Picking out your ideal outdoor rug can be a daunting yet exciting experience. Any personalised advice, creative design ideas, or burningquestions, feel free to reach out to us. Let's make this whole experience easy and enjoyable for you.


Our shipping is free across most of Australia. We know you're excited to get your hands on that new rug, so we're committed to getting it to you as fast as possible – dispatching your order typically the next day.


We understand that things can look different online than in person. So if you change your mind about the rug, that's okay - return it, no questions asked.


We strive to make your rug shopping adventure delightful, hassle-free, and perfectly tailored to your distinctive needs.


Cheap Rugs Australia's online rug collection is more than just a range of stylish decor pieces. It's an invitation to elevate your outdoor living experience.

Explore our collection today and find the perfect outdoor rug that aligns with yourlifestyle. Alright – time to upgrade!

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