Bluebellgray Rugs

Bluebellgray is a designer rug brand that features vibrant colours and bold floral designs. These rugs are unique and add a ton of personality to any room. Made from top-notch materials like wool and cotton, these rugs are either hand-tufted or hand-knotted - ensuring they’ll last a long time. What sets them apart from other rug brands is their unique aesthetic design. Using traditional and muted colours, they exceed into vibrant, water-colour designs full of life and energy. These colour combinations, abstract shapes, and floral motifs make these rugs a modern and timeless home decor.
One of Bluebellgray Rug’s most popular designs is the Floral Ines Jardin 19904, and for a good reason - it's gorgeous. But if florals aren't your thing, the Atlas 19808 is another popular choice. It's a unique abstract design that will make a statement.
In choosing a Bluebellgray designer rug that compliments your existing décor - first, take a look at your room's colour scheme. You'll want to find a rug that matches or complements the colours of your walls, furniture, and other accessories. Next, check the patterns and textures you already have in your space. This will help you determine if you should go for a rug with a bold pattern or something more subtle. You’ll also want to consider the existing furniture arrangement. This can help you decide if the rug should be a standout piece with bright colours and eye-catching patterns, or if it should blend in more with your current décor. Lastly, measure the area where you plan to put the rug. A rug that's too big or small can throw off the room's balance and feel, so getting the size right is imperative.
Yes, a Bluebellgray designer rug can be used in high-traffic areas of your home. But due to their delicate nature, it is recommended that they be used in quieter areas, or at least away from common paths and doorways. High-traffic areas tend to collect more dust and dirt, which can damage the rug's fibres and colour over time.
Yes, our Bluebellgray designer rugs can be made to order with custom sizing. Reach out to get a quote.

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