Kids Rugs

Picking the right rug for a nursery can be tricky, but you'll want something comfy, safe, and easy to clean. Have you seen our ultra-soft Pony rugs? They're super cosy and perfect for your little one to crawl and play on. Washable rugs are also a fantastic choice for nurseries as they're a breeze to clean – just pop them in the washing machine, and they're good as new!
Absolutely! Kids' rugs are usually designed with easy cleaning in mind, especially since spills and messes are inevitable. One great option to consider is washable rugs. These rugs are super easy to clean, as you can just toss them in the washing machine and voilà - they're as good as new! So, if you're looking for a hassle-free way to keep your kid's rug fresh and tidy, consider a washable rug.
Picking the ideal size for your child's rug can be a delightful task! Start by measuring the space and envisioning the rug's role. If you're looking for a cosy spot under the bed, opt for a size that extends slightly beyond the bed's edges, around 30-40cm. Thinking something soft and snuggly under their toes? A larger rug for a magical play area will provide ample room for adventures and creativity. Always consider the room's proportions and layout to ensure the rug size harmonises with the overall design, creating a well-balanced and inviting environment for your little one.
Some themes that are popular with well-liked kids' rugs include the alphabet, polka dots, geometric shapes or patterns (such as stripes), and a mix of bright colours. And don't forget to get other fun designs, like stars, animals, and playful colours that your child loves. The floor can really come alive with all sorts of patterns from our nursery rugs.
If you're searching for the perfect children's playroom rug - washable rugs are a game-changer, especially for parents. Clean-up is a piece of cake with these rugs because you can just throw them in the washing machine, and they look brand new. Plus, they're available in many fun designs to match any playroom theme. If you're into eco-friendly vibes, round jute rugs might be right up your alley. They're durable and can handle all the playroom chaos. The round shape also adds a softer touch to the room's feel. If you want the play area to be extra cosy and inviting, you can't go wrong with Saffron shag rugs. They're soft and comfy for kids to play on and come in several eye-catching colours to liven up the space. These rug options are perfectly suited for kiddos as they are durable, easy to clean, and comfortable for playtime.

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