Flatweave Rugs

Flatweave rugs are made using a weaving technique that creates a flat, thin surface without pile height to the rug. Unlike other rugs with a plush, raised texture, flatweave rugs have a tight, durable construction that makes them lightweight and easy to maintain. They are often reversible and well-suited for high-traffic areas, layering, or placement under furniture with minimal risk of indentations.
Yes, flatweave rugs are the way to go if you've got a busy area in your home. They're tough as nails and can handle all the foot traffic you can throw at them. Plus, since they're woven super tight with a low profile, they're less likely to get all matted and crushed over time.
Flatweave rugs are perfect for areas like hallways, walkways, and kitchens where people constantly come and go. They can stand up to some serious foot traffic. Plus, the thinner pile won't get all caught up under the door when it swings open. And since flatweaves don't have that thick, fluffy pile, they're less likely to be a tripping hazard. That's a big plus if you've got little ones or elderly folks in your house.

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