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A significant element in interior design is hardwood or marble flooring, a beautiful, sturdy, and durable material. However, it can look plain and empty without carpets or cheap rugs. You aren’t likely to cover your entire floor with carpeting because you have already paid enough to enhance the flooring, but area rugs, runners, and mini carpets can add to the overall aesthetic of your floor. 

home rug

For example, you may choose a specific type of carpeting to add a unique spin on your home’s look. You should know that there are several tips one can follow to enhance the look and feel of your wooden or marble floors with carpets. Here are some of them:

Cheap Rugs Spruce up an Area

An area rug is one of the best ways to spruce up a living room, a bedroom or almost any room. You can place them as is or layer them on the carpet. Area rugs aren’t challenging to buy or care for due to their manageable size. Homeowners can buy them in almost any colour, print, and texture to match a room's theme!

Cheap Rugs Can Become Centrepieces

Many experts recommend placing cheap rugs in the centre of the room for symmetrical aesthetic reasons. However, it would be even better to put a bold coloured or patterned carpet in the middle of any room. As focal points, cheap rugs will automatically draw eyes to them. You can achieve this by placing a rug underneath the centre table with couches facing its direction.

Cheap Rugs Anchor Your Furnishings

Believe it or not, cheap rugs bring everything together. Whether it's a room for an event or the background for a magazine photoshoot, the carpet has been set up to tie everything together. 

For instance, if you are laying a rug to cover up space beside a sofa set, try to match the texture of the carpet with the sofa's surface than its lining. The wood flooring will do more than a total colour match for the design aesthetic.

Cheap Rugs Welcome Warmth during Winter

If you don’t want to use cheap rugs throughout the year for cleanliness and maintenance reasons, consider moving them to just the rooms you need them. You can easily have carpets cleaned professionally and store them in a clean, dry place when you’re done using them.

Ducted air conditioning units help you avoid a lot of hassle. Like cheap rugs, they can regulate the temperature in your home, but they can also assist with carpet cleaning and maintenance. 

Fun fact: Carpets don’t get as dirty when partnered with ducted air conditioning units for temperature control.

Cheap Rugs Are Adequate Hallways Runners

Hallways are often left bare since they merely connect rooms. However, this space isn’t just trying to get you from one place to another. Runners are specialised long carpets that can effortlessly spruce up these areas through bright textiles or neutral prints. It’s always better to have cheap rugs as runners than to leave your hallways bare and unattended.


You can decorate any house room with added softness or warmth to a hard, cold environment with cheap rugs. We hope you learned some cozy interior design tips you can enhance with cheap rugs. Happy decorating!

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