bedroom rug

If your bedroom does not have wall-to-wall carpeting—or if you want extra cushioning on top of the carpet you already have—a rug is a must-have for your bedroom floor. Whether your bedroom is large or small, there are so many styles, colours and patterns to choose from.

Finding the right size rug for your bedroom can be hard, especially when you're online. Plus, return shipping can cost a lot of money. We suggest making sure you want the size and style of rug you're purchasing before buying it. Here are some tips on choosing the right rug for your bedroom.

1) Think About the Size of Your Space

If you have a queen-size bed, you'll want a large enough rug to cover the whole floor. The exact size you want will vary based on the size and style of your bed and the size of your room. 

If you have no other furniture or wall decorations, you might want your rug to cover the entire floor. However, if you have nightstands or a dresser, you'll likely want to make sure your rug is big enough to fit around them.

Breakdown of Rug Sizes:

a) 120 x 180cm

If you have two smaller area rugs you love, layer them, or put one on each side of the bed. Queen-sized area rugs are generally not wide enough for a queen-sized bed.

b) 160 x 230cm

A 160x230cm rug will work under a queen bed. Smaller rugs might not cover the floor, and you won't be able to place your nightstands on the rug.

c) 180 x 290cm

It can be challenging to find rugs more than 290cm long. However, a queen-sized bed can easily fit on a 180x290cm rug. 

You can arrange furniture on a large 180x290cm rug, and if you place the bed in the centre of a large rug, you'll have plenty of room for other pieces of furniture.

d) 300 x 400cm

A 300x400cm rug is the largest size we recommend if you have a queen bed. This rug will leave you with ample space to fit your bed in the centre of the room.

2) Think About the Layout of Your Bedroom

A queen bed is a large piece of furniture, so you'll need to think about where you can place it in the room. If your bedroom is small and has no other furniture besides your queen bed, you might want to get a large area rug to cover your entire floor. 

If you want to place your bed in a corner or tucked into a nook, you'll need to make sure the rug fits around it.

3) Think About Where to Place the Rug

If you want your rug to go under your bed, pick one that is shorter than the height of the bed. Putting a rug under the bed will help it stay in place, but you'll have to lift the bed skirt up to vacuum the floor.

If you want a rug to go around the bed and fit under the bed, you'll need to get a larger size.


Rugs can be the perfect accessory for your bedroom. From cushioning to simple style, rugs are great for personalising your space. Finding the right rug is all about figuring out the size and style you want.

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