round rug

There are a ton of fantastic rugs out there in various styles, colours, and textures to help you decorate a space. With the increase of cheap rugs being readily available online, it has become that much easier to get a rug in the style you want.

If you're going for round rugs, it’s best to know that they can highlight and tone down some aspects of your space. Keep these design factors in mind to ensure a nice, balanced interior ambience.

Factor #1: A Round Rug will Highlight Curved Details

A round rug will help highlight the curvature of an archway, staircase, or deeper niches of your home, such as a fireplace. You'll want to match your furniture and natural architectural elements with the edges of your rug.

The rounded edges of your rug will accentuate curves and swoops in your space. So, if this is something you want to achieve, a round rug will be the way to go.

Factor #2: A Round Rug Can Mark a Zone in Your Space

The shape of a round rug is also great for marking off sections of space in your home. If you're on a tight budget, you can decorate an entire room with a round rug.

If you're trying to mark off a specific zone in the layout of your space, a distinctive circular rug can help you mark that area.

If you want an open layout for the room with no separation, then a circular rug will stand out for the wrong reasons. You'll want to use this to define a zone that you want to segregate for a specific purpose, such as reading or holding guests.

Factor #3: A Round Rug Will Likely Be Used as a Centrepiece

A round rug will often be a centrepiece since its shape doesn't really look very matched for edges. If you have a large room and you want to highlight a specific item, furniture set, or decorative piece, you can use a round rug underneath it to serve that purpose.

You can even use the rug as the accent piece itself if you place it balanced between different pieces. With the right pattern or design, it can also stand alone as a bold decorative choice.

Factor #4: A Round Rug Will Create a Larger Visual Space

For a small space, a round rug can make it feel larger by contrast. Although placement really has a lot to do with it, you can use a large round rug to direct visitors' eyes in a way that makes the entire room feel more spacious.

Try to keep the clutter at a minimum and use the placement of the rug to highlight the pieces and elements that are spread throughout the room. Slim and large furniture paired with a big circular rug can do wonders in maximising the effect you want.


A circular rug can be a very effective design tool in the context of your home, but it’s best to know how it plays around with the other elements in a room. It just depends on what exactly you're trying to achieve with your visual space. Thankfully, it's not hard to find cheap rugs with different aesthetic styles these days. So, you can always mix and match as you please.

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