Non-Slip Rug Underlays

Simply, a non-slip rug underlay is a lifesaver when keeping your rug in place on the floor. Do you know how rugs can sometimes slip and slide, becoming a tripping hazard? A non-slip rug pad ends that nonsense, especially in busy areas of your home. It's not just about safety, either. These underlays can help protect your rug and the floor underneath from damage when vacuuming or moving furniture around. Plus, if you've got little ones running or learning to walk, an underlay prevents a rug from curling at its edges and becoming a trip hazard.
Absolutely! A non-slip rug underlay can be used on any type of flooring. The good news is that we've got both a hard floor version and a carpet version to suit your needs. So we've got you covered whether you're rocking hardwood, laminate, tile, or even carpet. Make sure you pick the right one for your floor type, and you'll be all set with a secure and comfy rug in no time.
The underlay sizes are made to be slightly smaller than common rug sizes. For example, if you've got a 230x160cm rug, you'd go for a 220x150cm underlay. This way, the anti-slip rug underlay stays hidden and does its job perfectly without peeking out from under your rug. Find the underlay smaller than your rug size, and you're good to go!
Worry not. A non-slip rug underlay will not damage your floors or rug. It's the opposite – they help protect your floor from scratches. By providing a soft, cushioned barrier between your rug and the floor, the rug underlay prevents any friction or direct contact that could otherwise result in scratches or damage. So rest easy knowing that not only is your rug secure, but your floors are also being safeguarded.
A non-slip rug underlay can easily be trimmed to fit a specific rug size. All you need is your good old household scissors to get the job done. Just place the overlay over the rug and then carefully cut the underlay to the desired dimensions, ensuring it remains slightly smaller than the rug itself.

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