Large Rugs

If you're looking for a large rug and wondering what sizes are considered "large" in this collection, the answer is rugs smaller than 300x400cm and bigger than 230x160cm. In this collection, large rugs can be around 280x200cm and 320x230cm, giving or taking a few centimetres depending on the specific rug design. Of course, it's always a good idea to take measurements of your space first to ensure that the rug will fit comfortably and look great in your home.
When choosing the right size large rug for your space, grab a measuring tape and measure your area. This will show you the biggest rug you can fit in there. You want a little space between the rug and the wall or furniture, so remember that when you're measuring up. Now, think about the furniture in the room. If you're putting the rug under a dining table or coffee table, ensure it's big enough to handle the furniture while still having some breathing room around the edges. Lastly, consider the vibe you want to create. A large rug can set the tone in a room, so choose a size that adds to the space without taking it over.
Customising the size and shape may be possible by cutting the rug and reforming the edges. We have a preferred partner we use in Sydney. We’d be happy to put you in touch - or manage the process on your behalf. Reach out, and we can go from there.
To determine if a large rug will fit through your doorway or up your stairs, you'll want to focus on its dimensions when rolled up. Large rugs typically come rolled up to about 2m long and roughly 25cm wide. Large rugs have a little flexibility to bend around corners to some extent.

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