Extra Large Rugs

Rugs that come in at around 250x350cm and 300x400cm are considered extra large. These rugs are perfect for larger living spaces, helping to anchor the area and make it feel more cosy and inviting.
To choose the right size extra large rug for your space, first, measure your room and the furniture layout. Ensure the rug is large enough to accommodate your furniture, by having at least 30-45 cm of exposed floor space around the edges. Ideally, all furniture legs should rest on the rug, creating a cohesive and well-proportioned look. For open-concept spaces, use the rug to define specific areas or zones within the room.
Yes, it may be possible to make rugs customizable sizes larger than the stock standard size. Feel free to contact us for a quote.
It's important to note that an extra large rug comes rolled up to around 3m long and roughly 30cm wide. This means that it should be flexible enough to fit around corners. But you may need to do some measuring to make sure it will fit around hallways and corners.

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