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Shopping for rugs online has its pros and cons. It can conveniently help you find the perfect rug you are looking for among the many options worldwide. However, your new, favourite accent piece might reach your house curled, wrinkled, and bent.

Do not fret if this happens to you and your newly purchased rug. We have tips on how you can flatten your rug and ensure that it will retain its original shape.

How to Successfully Flatten Your Rug

Option 1: Allow It to Settle

If you just received your rug, give it time to settle. It can take up to three weeks, depending on how long the rug has been shipped to your house.

When you buy your rug, it will most likely be shipped to you wrapped in plastic. Have it laid on your floor or any flat surface. That will allow the rug to flatten out and settle in its new place.

If you plan to lay the rug on a higher carpet, ensure that you have it laid the right way. You will have to try spreading the rug with the pile facing up and down. You can also place something heavy in the middle to help flatten the rug even more.

Option 2: Try Steaming It

After you have allowed your rug to settle, you can start steaming it. You can do this with a household steamer or a steam iron.

Steam the entire rug, but focus on the creased or wrinkled areas. Leave it to dry in its natural shape. The steam can open up the weave and make the rug look flatter. It may also make it more malleable, so you can place it in the desired shape.

Option 3: Consider Stretching It

If the rug is too large for you to steam on your own, you should try having it stretched professionally. You can ask an experienced rug installer to stretch it for you.

You can also try using a different method for stretching. You can fold the rug in half and place it on a flat surface. With this method, you will have to use clamps to hold the rug in place. You can leave it to stretch overnight, if possible.

Option 4: Flip It Over or Back-Roll It

If you cannot wait for your new rug to settle, then you could try flipping it over. You can flip the rug whenever you want until it is flat.

You must first lay the rug flat where you want to place it to do this. Then, turn the rug over and flip it to the other side.

Another method you can use is to roll the rug back. You will have to fold the rug on the shortest side to do this. Pull the folded area straight out. Then, flip the folded area back to the other side of the rug. The result is a smooth side.


These are different methods you can use to flatten your new rug. Using any of these methods will make it easier to lay your brand new purchase. Spend time to ensure that your rug is in the right shape for it to be a perfect addition to your space. The more attention you give it, the more it will look lovely in your space.

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