Tired of plain-looking area rugs in your home? Why not try geometric rugs that add depth and character to your space? 

There are tons of options when it comes to geometric rugs. You can find them in diverse styles, trimmings and colours, so you’ll surely find something that matches the aesthetic you’re going for. 

So, what kind of rugs are best for your home? Here are seven gorgeous geometric rugs to make your space unique:

1. Black Square Area Rug

Want to add a dash of class and elegance to your space? You can never go wrong with a square area rug, in black that is. A black geometric area rug in the shape of a square will surely boost the beauty of your home. It is made with long-lasting and high-quality materials, and it is simple to clean. 

2. Rectangular Area Rug

Rectangular area rugs are contemporary and compact, perfect for any space requirements. A Plenti area rug is also made of synthetic fibres and is durable. It's available in several colours, so it is also a superb linear rug great for hallways, bedrooms and the like.

3. Multicolor Geometric Rug

Want a pop of colour in your space? Why not try a multicolour geometric rug? It’s the perfect complement for rooms with a neutral colour palette.

Moreover, it’s hand-tufted and made of high-quality materials. If you don’t have a lot of time in your hands, don’t fret, as this rug is easier to clean and maintain than its other counterparts.

4. Brown Geometric Rug

If you’re not too fond of too much colour, a brown geometric rug might be just for you. The bold and deep tone of brown can transform your room into a lovely space that’s cozy and inviting. Make sure to choose a hand-knotted rug in pure wool for that added comfort feel. 

5. Hexagon Area Rug

You can never go wrong with a hexagon geometric area rug available. It is modern and can perfectly complement any existing furniture you have in your space. You can choose a smaller one to serve as an accent or a larger piece to serve as the room's focal point.

6. Multi-Color Transitional Geometric Rug

Sometimes, we only need a striking geometric rug to revamp our spaces. And that’s what this multi-colour transitional geometric rug can do. It can not only transform dull-looking rooms, but can act as a conversation starter among your guests.

Made of polyester, this one is easy to maintain and clean. Also, the use of this rug is not confined indoors. You can use it to spruce up your outdoor space, too. 

In Conclusion

Geometric rugs are the most popular area rugs and for a good reason. They can easily spruce up any space with their interesting shapes, patterns and colours. So, if you want to give your home a makeover, you don’t have to commit to a renovation project just yet. Adding a geometric rug or two to your space can give your home the facelift it needs.

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