Are you in the market for a new rug that's both eco-friendly and stylish? Look no further than jute rugs! These natural fibre rugs are woven from renewable resources. Yes -Jute is a renewable resource.  Meaning it’s harvested without damaging the environment and is easily replenished.

Manufacturers make jute rugs because they have a distinct texture that can add depth and interest to any room. But there's more to jute rugs than meets the eye. In this article, we'll dive deep into the world of jute rugs and explore everything you need to know to make an informed purchase.

What is Jute?

Jute is a long and soft fibre that comes from plants in the Corchorus family. The jute plant can grow up to 12 feet tall and has a thick stem. It is a strong and durable material that is often used to make things like clothing, carpets, and general household items.

Jute is commonly used in many countries, especially in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It is a durable fabric that is used in a variety of ways, including apparel, agricultural, industrial, flooring, and homewares. Because it's thick and easy to work with, is it also used in the production of ghillie suits - an advanced form of camouflage that allow military combatants to blend into grassy or foliage-rich environments.

Jute rugs are popular because they are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other types of natural fibre rugs.

Different Weaves of Jute Rugs

Jute rugs can come in a variety of different weaves which can change how they look and feel.

The most common include:

  • Boucle. This weave is where the jute yarn is looped to create a bumpy texture. The yarn can be natural or coloured and is popular in some parts of Scandinavia and with fancy interior designers.
  • Flat-weave. This weaving creates a tight woven jute rug with a smooth surface. It is made with a single jute yarn, and it can be used to make unique patterns.
  • Herringbone. This weave makes a pattern of V-shaped rows with a single jute yarn.

Different weaves can make a jute rug feel different and look unique, so choose the one that you like best.

The Durability of Jute

Jute rugs offer a unique combination of durability and style. It makes them well-suited for areas that experience heavy foot traffic.

Jute is a strong and tough materials that can take a lot of wear and tear without getting damaged. And this makes them perfect for busy areas like hallways, living rooms, and entryways. Additionally, jute rugs are low maintenance. You only need regular vacuuming to keep them looking their best.

With its unique texture and sturdy fibres, a jute rug can add a touch of natural elegance to any of your room while also standing up to the wear and tear of daily life.

The Texture of Jute Rugs

The texture of jute is often described as a rough and tactile surface, with a slightly uneven and nubby feel. This texture is created by the natural fibres that make up jute yarn, which can vary in thickness and length. When woven together, the fibres create a pattern that adds visual interest to the rug.

Another benefit of the texture of jute rugs is that it can help to hide dirt and stains. The nubby texture of the rug can make it harder for dirt and stains to show up, which can be especially useful in high-traffic areas like entryways and living rooms. This makes jute rugs a practical and functional choice for busy households.

Choosing the Right Colour Jute Rug

Here are some easy tips to help you choose a jute rug colour that goes well with the colours in your room.

  • Assess the existing colour palette. Before selecting a jute rug, it's important to consider the colours that are already present in your room. This will help you choose a colour that complements the existing decor.
  • Choose a colour that contrasts. If the room has a neutral colour scheme, consider adding a jute rug in a bold and bright colour like red, blue or green. This will add a pop of colour and visual interest to your space.
  • Consider a neutral colour. If your room already has a lot of colours, consider a jute rug in a neutral tone like beige, black or brown. This will help to balance the existing colours in your room and tie everything together.
  • Test the colour. Before making a final decision, it's a good idea to test the colour of the jute rug in your room. Place the rug in the space and see how it looks in different lighting throughout the day. This will give you a better idea of how the colour will fit within the existing decor.

Care and Maintenance of Jute Rugs

Keeping your jute rug clean and well-maintained is important to ensure it lasts a long time and looks great in your space.

Here are some tips for cleaning and caring for your jute rug:

  • Vacuum your jute rug twice a week or depending on how soiled it is to prevent dirt from building up in the fibres. Be sure to vacuum both sides of the rug and the floor underneath.
  • Clean up spills right away to avoid stains. For pet accidents, you can use a 50/50 solution of warm water and gentle laundry detergent or dish soap (without bleach).
  • To clean the rug with baking soda, sprinkle it on the rug and use a stiff bristle brush to clean the jute fibres.
  • After cleaning, shake out or vacuum the rug as needed.
  • To avoid damage and discolouration of the natural fibres, do not steam clean, wet shampoo, or wash the rug.
  • Avoid using traditional rug detergents on jute rugs, as they are typically made for other types of rugs.

Following these tips will help keep your jute rug clean and looking its best for years to come!

Styling your space with Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are incredibly versatile and can work well with a variety of different decor styles.

Here are some ways to style jute rugs:

  • Bohemian. Jute rugs can be an excellent way to add a natural and earthy element to a bohemian-style room. A natural-toned jute rug can help create a cozy and inviting space while adding texture and depth to the room.
  • Coastal. With their natural fibres and beachy vibe, jute rugs are an excellent choice for a coastal-themed room. Whether you choose a natural or blue-toned jute rug, it can add a beachy and relaxed feel to the space.
  • Minimalist. In minimalist spaces, jute rugs can add warmth and texture. A neutral-toned jute rug can create a grounding effect and provide a sense of comfort without overpowering the simplicity of the space.
  • Modern. A brightly-coloured or geometric-patterned jute rug can be a striking addition to a modern-style room. The texture of the rug can provide a contrast to smooth and sleek modern furnishings.

Overall, jute rugs are a versatile and stylish choice for many different decor styles. Whether you're looking for a natural, earthy vibe or a bold pop of colour, there's a jute rug out there that can fit your style.

In conclusion, jute rugs are a fantastic option for anyone looking to add both style and sustainability to their home. Whether you're a busy parent, a pet owner, or just someone who wants to add a little texture to your space, a jute rug can be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. With our eco-friendly and sustainable options, you can feel good about your purchase and impact on the planet.

So, if you're ready to upgrade your space with an affordable Jute rugCheap Rugs Australia has everything you need to make it happen. Trust me, your toes will thank you for it. :)