There is no better way to warm up a room or modernise it than with the addition of a rug. It doesn't matter if you have traditional furniture style or something more contemporary, the floor covering should balance out the furniture nicely.

Finding the best designer rug brands for your home doesn't have to be a difficult task. If you know where to look and read reviews, you will be well on your way to finding your perfect style at a great deal.

At Cheap Rugs Australia, we sorted out this list of the best designer rugs brands where you can get your hands on some unique rugs to compliment your interiors.

Brink And Campman Rugs

Over 125 years ago, this company started hand-crafting beautiful rugs. Today, they're still doing it because they love creating the most innovative woollen rugs around.

They work with carefully selected producers from all over the world to develop new techniques and quality practises, and this collaboration ensures that they always offer the best products and the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

Brink & Campman is also known for working with some of the most well-known designers, including Orla Kiely, Ted Baker, Sanderson, Harlequin, Wedgwood, Florence Broadhurst, Scion and Bluebellgray.

Design Features

  • Modern florals to psychedelic waves and a rainbow of colours

  •  The classic look of Persian and Turkic Central Asian rugs

  • Handwoven and hand-knotted rugs with an ethnic feel and warm earthy palettes

  • Neutral-toned shags with the ultimate comfort, style and durability

Sanderson Rugs

Sanderson has always been known for its beautiful florals, as well as both scenes and nature typical to the British countryside. But there's more to this brand than just pretty patterns - they also draw inspiration from early French wallpapers, other cultures and design traditions from around the world.

The Sanderson Design Group has assumed control of its namesake company, but it is also the parent corporation for some of the most internationally renowned interior design brands; Anthology, Scion and Harlequin.

Design Features:

  • Floral patterns including poppies, roses, rainforest, dandelions, and peonies

  • Incorporates fruits into their patterns, like their wonderful cantaloupe art and manila green patterns.

  • Offers a stunning range of lined and stroke textures with a more neutral colour palette.

Scion Rugs

Scion is a British designer brand that takes inspiration from the clean style of contemporary Scandi design. They're known for their cutting-edge designs and trend-oriented approach, which makes them perfect for fashion-conscious customers.

Scion was originally developed as a side brand to Harlequin, but after establishing a style of its own, it became its own unique brand. In 2020, Scion joined the Sanderson Design Group – a prominent association of 7 British luxury interior brands. The other members of the group include Archive, Clarke & Clarke, Harlequin, Morris & Co, Sanderson, Scion and Zoffany Anstey Wallpaper Company.

Design Features:

  • Designed to inject fun colours into an interior design, with Mr Fox as its true icon

  • Uses the charm of animals - including birds, hedgehogs and penguins.

  •  Alternative designs are also modern and sophisticated

  • Scandinavian design inspired but with more understated colours than many others on the market

Ted Baker Rugs

Ted Baker, a British designer best known for his classic take on modern heritage designs, has quickly become a popular choice among the trendy and fashion-forward.

This rug collection, made in the Netherlands from wool and other materials such as tencel and viscose, blends high-quality craftsmanship with innovative design.

Ted Baker has introduced its new rug collection to give you exactly what you need: modern rugs in rich, true-to-style colours.

Offering a large array of geometric, floral, check, striped, animal, chevron, and zodiac designs in plush shades of navy and burgundy - these striking rugs will add an opulent touch to any interior.

Design Features:

  • Features a range of modern, true-to-style rugs. Each rug varies in style and production from tufted, hand-tufted, woven and digitally printed woven rugs.

  • Simple and subtle in design, with complimentary narrow borders on the edge of the rug. 

  • Geometric patterns and bold colours feature prominently in the hand-tufted Ted Baker Mosaic, Ted Baker Plaid, Ted Baker Violet, Ted Baker Agave and Ted Baker Barren rugs

William Morris Rugs

William Morris is best known for his textiles, but he was also a poet and a socialist. In fact, he's considered one of the most important figures in the British Arts & Crafts Movement. He lived from 1834-1896 and is considered a vital figure of Victorian Britain who holds enduring significance.

Together with an artist named Edward Burne-Jones, and the poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti, they started a design firm.

This design firm had a profound effect on how churches, as well as homes, were decorated in the early 20th century.

Today, William Morris rugs are known for their unique design and their unique colour palette. A lot of the motifs are inspired by nature, and can elevate any space you place it into instantly.

Now you can bring his work into your own home with Morris & Co Rugs. These rugs are crafted with the very best wool yarns, with designs inspired by Morris himself. 

The thick soft pile creates comfort in your room at home, while the palette of the rugs will provide an amazing finish to your living room or bedroom. A small viscose finish adds a sophisticated sheen to the rug, bringing all of its intricate details to life!

Design Features:

  • Inspired by nature in English country homes and the flowering gardens that surround them.

  • The patterns are intricate and detailed, with bright colours that will bring some much-needed life into your home or office.

  • Comprising rug patterns with intricate weaves of floral detail bursting with a distinctive colour palette, these iconic designs are busy and daring but never tacky.

Bluebellgray Rugs

Bluebellgray is all about uplifting, modern prints that add some joy to any space. Founded in 2009, this brand is all about its signature colourful, handpainted watercolour style designs. 

Their pieces are so timeless and beautiful that you'll want to collect them all. Bluebellgray creates new collections twice a year, one for abstracts and the other for florals. Everything is created originally in the brand’s beautiful studio in Scotland, ensuring that the heart and soul of Bluebellgray are retained in every product. Now stocked all over the world in beautiful department stores and design boutiques from Tokyo to Toronto and beyond, Bluebellgray is an international name you can trust when looking for stunning home decorating accents!

Design Features:

  • Signature colourful, handpainted, watercolour style designs

  • Have the feel of a watercolour or gouache painting and will create the perfect centrepiece of any room

  • New collections are released twice a year with abstract pieces and florals at the heart of the designs

Harlequin Rugs

The Harlequin Rug Collection is a stunning range of fashionable rugs adapted from Harlequin's best-selling designs, perfect for making a stylish statement in your home.

This new range features bold geometric patterns inspired by traditional Kilim rugs, panoramic stripes and expressive brushstroke designs. Exquisitely crafted, these eye-catching wool rugs are hand-tufted to emphasize their luxurious textures and sumptuous tones.

Each individual piece makes a statement in its own right and acts as the perfect complement to Harlequin's stunning fabrics and wallcoverings. Totally on-trend, yet effortlessly timeless.

Design Features:

  • Inspired by the iconic wallpaper and fabric designs

  • Feature timeless multicolour geometric and animal designs that are perfect for any home

  • Hand-tufted to emphasize their luxurious textures and sumptuous tones

Wedgwood Rugs

Founded in 1759, Josiah Wedgwood has been making iconic collections for the home. It's a heritage of innovation, craftsmanship, and design that continues today with a modern aesthetic that inspires expressive living.

The result is a relevant and contemporary aesthetic with an unrivalled heritage. Wedgwood is proud to be the holder of the Royal Warrant by Appointment for tableware and giftware to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

This stunning range of hand-tufted rugs, made from 100% wool, is inspired by Wedgwood's rich heritage of patterns and offered in their iconic colour palette. These beautiful designs will add a touch of English elegance to any home.

Design Features:

  • Hand tufted, crafted from 100% wool and follows traditional manufacturing methods that enhance the variety of colours and shapes in each design

  • Features striking elements of some of Wedgwood’s most iconic patterns, designed to act as a stylish accent 

  • Create a relevant and contemporary aesthetic that inspires

Florence Broadhurst Rugs

Born in 1899 in rural Queensland, Australia, Florence Broadhurst lived a series of fascinating lives that were as glamorous as they were daring. In the roaring Twenties, she spent time singing across the Far East and running a finishing school in Shanghai.

But after returning to Australia, her true calling emerged: at the age of 60, she launched her defining venture – a luxury wallpaper business – that continues to inspire people around the world today.

Florence's spirit of adventure and flamboyance is evident in her extensive archive of designs, which includes tapestries, geometrics, florals, and eccentric chinoiserie.

This stunning collection from Brink & Campman brings together classic elegance with a contemporary interpretation of her iconic designs to create a timeless collection that pays tribute to Florence's legacy.

And that's how Florence Broadhurst Rugs became a household name, and her designs continue to inspire designers around the world today.

Design Features:

  • Geometrics, florals, and delightfully eccentric chinoiserie

  • Hand-tufted rug collection from Brink & Campman, combines classic elegance with a contemporary interpretation of its brand's iconic designs

  • Transcend fashion style –boldly glamorous and versatile

Orla Kiely Rugs

Orla Kiely is a designer who believes in the power of simplicity and timelessness. Her designs are inspired by a desire to create something beautiful, something that will stand the test of time.

In every product she creates, from ready-to-wear items and accessories to watches, jewellery, stationery, homeware, and home textiles, you can see Orla's passion for mid-century design shine through. With subtle references to retro styles, Orla reinvents and aspires to newness - continuously evolving her colour palette to build modernity on modernism.

Drawing inspiration from nature and organic elements, Orla creates rhythmic patterns for everyday applications. Whether it's a mug or a storage jar or even a bathroom towel - everyday essentials deserve the same attention to detail as her leather handbags and silk dresses.

Orla's philosophy remains the same: integrity and enjoyment every day.

Design Features:

  • Known for its modernism, making use of evolving colour palettes to build on the geometric shapes that make up their line

  • Aspires toward innovation and constantly works on reinventing  own style


It's all in the details, they say. This can be demonstrated through a selection of designer rugs. The most beautiful and elegant furniture looks much better if you place it on a gorgeous rug.

With rugs being so popular among many households, we hope that you find some inspiration from our featured brands and love them at the same time. They are truly a fantastic source of colour and comfort for any home. So keep that in mind when looking for the most exquisite designer rug for your home.

Whether you are seeking something bold and beautiful for your living room, a hard-working rug to grace your entrance hall or an aesthetically pleasing addition to your bedroom - Cheap Rugs Australia has got it all.

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