There is a psychology behind why people are drawn to particular forms and patterns. Finding out why you're drawn to some designs and turned off by others may be fun. It's like reading your pattern personality horoscope.

Do you want to know which pattern for your home is inscribed in the stars? Good thing since this article compiled a list of modern rugs online in Australia.

Abstract Rugs

Abstract rug patterns, like abstract art, use colour and shape to create one-of-a-kind designs that don't attempt to portray reality. These visuals might be meticulously planned or made without any prior planning. 

Free-flowing curves and lines are common in abstract carpets. Even when using muted hues, their distinctive artwork elicits an emotional response, making them a striking focal point of a room.

Open-minded and creative people are thought to be drawn to abstract designs. They are often deep-thinking extroverts who appreciate engaging in meaningful discourse. Bringing an abstract rug into your house will generate interest from your visitors!

Diamond Rugs

The diamond represents clarity, ascension, and insight from another dimension. In other traditions, the diamond indicates the butterfly, representing metamorphosis, rebirth and the soul's journey.

The four points of a diamond represent the four natural components that make up the Earth: earth, air, fire, and water. This might be conceived as a universal balance and energy that unites all beings.

If you're searching for a feeling of balance or if you want to focus on positive transformation and rebirth, consider bringing a diamond pattern rug into your house. If you just like geometric designs that keep your home appearing clean and elegant, you may use this pattern!

Floral Rugs

For a long time, floral patterns have been on and off the list of what's in and what's out in décor. Floral patterns are sometimes seen to be refreshing, while other times, they are thought to be obsolete. 

Floral designs can use colourful or neutral hues found in nature to create a feeling of natural beauty. People frequently utilize them to give a city house a country vibe or make the inside enclosure match the freedom of the outdoors.

Geometric Rugs

Rugs come in various geometric designs, although squares and rectangles are the most familiar forms. 

Those who respect trust, history, and reliability will like square and rectangular patterned carpets. They are at ease when surrounded by relationships and well-balanced, dependable, and long-lasting objects.

Circular and oval rug patterns are two other well-known forms that may be seen in nature. They also reflect humanity's most fundamental but significant innovations, such as the wheel and the ball.

Those drawn to circular designs are probably motivated by the idea that life happens in cycles. They're probably deep thinkers who appreciate stretching their thoughts with the cosmos. If you're looking for a sense of completion, try integrating a circular pattern rug into your decor.

You can enjoy various designs when shopping for geometric rugs online in Australia. 

Moroccan Trellis Rugs

Due to its adaptability, the Moroccan trellis design has been increasingly popular in recent years. This design is ideal for those who appreciate clean lines and symmetry and have a modern aesthetic. Yet, it's also appreciated by individuals who like a more traditional aesthetic, much like the baroque style.

Depending on the size of the thing they're on, the lines may be extended, shrunken, or even ornamented with more complicated patterns. The pattern can be stretched, shrunken, or even embellished with more intricate patterns.


When looking for a new rug, take your time and explore all of your possibilities. While the history, familiarity, and acceptability of patterns might generalize their interpretation, the style you bring into your house is ultimately up to you. Always keep in mind that the modern and traditional rugs online in Australia you get should be a reflection of you, as well as your philosophy in life.  

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