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Rugs are an important part of your home interior design. They define spaces, add colour and texture, direct foot traffic and promote a cosy and warm feeling in your living space. 

There are thousands of rug styles to choose from. Plus, you can decide based on size, colour and material. This short guide will help you determine which rugs to purchase based on different factors:

1. Material

If your priority is using natural materials, you have three options to choose from. Natural materials are generally better than synthetic since they’re more sustainable. Here are some options to choose from:

  • Cotton: These rugs are extremely easy to care for, and they’re flexible and hard-wearing. They’re also breathable and lightweight, making them perfect for the warmer seasons.
  • Wool: These rugs are breathable, naturally durable and fire-retardant. They’re incredible rugs all year-round since they can be warm and cosy underfoot during the cold months and nice and cool during the warmer seasons.
  • Jute: These rugs are an eco-friendly and sustainable choice since they’re made from natural fibre. Jute rugs are soft and provide an organic look in your home interior. The only downside is that they’re not great when placed near water. So, you should place them in areas with the least potential exposure to moisture.

2. Colour and Pattern

Choosing the colour and pattern of your rug involves deciding whether you want them to blend with the surroundings or stand out from the furniture. 

Think of a rug as artwork for your floors. How you style your space should depend on your preferences and your interior’s style. For instance, you can choose between a bold, adventurous and brightly coloured rug or a demure, neutral or plain rug. 

You can get a classic Persian rug for a traditional aesthetic and bright tribal rugs for an eclectic look. Investing in rugs with the same colour palette as your curtains and cushions is also worth it. On the other hand, if you want to offset your interior’s white walls and neutral furniture, you can choose black or red rugs. 

3. Size

You should consider the size of the rugs you’re choosing and make sure they are proportionate to the size of your living space. You shouldn’t get something too big that overpowers the area or something too small that squashes the room. 

In addition, you should also choose rug sizes based on the room you’re decorating with:

  • Living Room: A rug for the living room should be large enough for the front legs of your sofa to sit over it. Your coffee table should be fully on top because a rug that’s too small can only make a space look boxed.
  • Dining Room: You may need an even bigger rug for this room since you need to make sure that it covers the entire ground under your dining table set. In addition, you shouldn’t also catch the edges when you pull out the chairs. So, if you have a large table, be sure to get a larger rug.
  • Bedroom: A rug should complement the focal point of your bedroom, which is your bed. Place a large rug underneath the bed with the borders exposed on three sides. If you don’t want a large rug, you can opt for a smaller one placed at the end of the bed to bring cosiness to the room.


The right stylish rugs can make your interiors look more polished, cosy and sophisticated. Be sure to match your furniture and overall interior design so that everything complements one another. 

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