bohemian decor

Did you know that there are different bohemian decorations you can use for your home? One of the most popular ones is the bohemian rugs. Incorporating bohemian rugs in your home can give you a lot of benefits, and there are interesting facts about them that you should know about. 

If you’re considering having bohemian rugs in your home, here are the things that you need to know: 

What Exactly Is Bohemian?

First, you need to know what bohemian is. Generally, the term bohemian refers to people. They are inhabitants of the region that comprises the Kingdom of Bohemia. You can find them at the westernmost and largest historical place in the Czech Republic. 

Originally, bohemian or bohemianism came from the French word “bohémien”. It is frequently used by those who mistakenly thought that the Romani (people of France) came from Bohemia. Later on, the term was associated with an unorthodox or unconventional lifestyle. It is also used to describe impoverished European artists, musicians, journalists, writers and actors. 

But now, bohemian is more than just those things. It has already become a style too. Perhaps you’re familiar with boho chic. It’s just the same with bohemian. Bohemian style is reintroducing itself as a beatnik style and hippie culture. 

How Did Bohemian Fashion Start?

Bohemian fashion started after the French revolution. Due to poverty, the bohemians had no choice but to wear worn-out and unfashionable clothing. But, later on, a group of counterculture artists and writers called it an Aesthetic Movement that quietly rose to fight against the “dehumanisation of the Industrial Age”. In that same era, the Bohemian style changed into something more personal. From then on, it is now aimed to convey a sense of arcane, enlightenment, sexual freedom, communal living and creativity. 

Is It Ideal to Incorporate a Bohemian Style in Your Home?

There is no doubt that a bohemian style will be perfect for your home. Since the style is something more personal, you can add a personal touch to your home through bohemian decorations. A bohemian decoration can make your home more high-spirited. It’s the combination of different colours, patterns, objects and other elements from around the world that makes a bohemian decoration more appealing, especially when found inside your home.

What Is the Perfect Bohemian Decoration for Your Home? 

There are numerous bohemian decorations you can put in your home. But, one thing that will surely stand out is bohemian rugs. Putting bohemian rugs makes it quick to add texture and mood to your space. You can easily achieve that boho-chic look you want if you choose to have a bohemian rug. Your dull-looking space will quickly turn heads once you place a bohemian rug, so it’s a perfect decoration that you can put anywhere inside your home. 


Bohemian decorations are so historical. They offer a good touch of history to your home’s design while still looking modern and chic. If you want to add an accent to your space, you should have a bohemian rug. It’s a perfect bohemian decoration you can count on if you want to liven up the look of your home. 

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