How to Take Care of Your Bohemian Rugs: Easy Tips to Follow

If you have a Bohemian-themed house, a rug made from natural jute is a decor you would not want to miss. Rugs may be interior display pieces you do not always notice, but you just know that the room feels incomplete without one. They express a wanderlust feeling that truly provides the space with an artistic and free-spirited vibe. 

If you own this type of rug at home, know that it is a quality piece that requires little effort for maintenance. But with enough care and love, it can be a great piece that lasts for a long time. Here are some ways you can keep it in good condition:

Place It Away from Direct Sunlight

Knowing where to place your rug is the first step to ensuring it is well cared for. Feel free to put it wherever you want, but make sure that it will not get in contact with direct sunlight. Exposure to intense sunlight could darken or turn your natural jute an orange colour. 

If you want it to stay in good shape and quality for a long time, keeping it at room temperature would be a good move. If windows surround your house, observe how the sunlight comes inside the house. You might need to do some interior change when there is a shift in season or time of day. 

Vacuum It to Keep It Dirt-Free

Rugs are like carpets. They are beautiful as accent pieces, but they accumulate all sorts of dirt. Keep your rug clean by regularly vacuuming it. Ensure that you clean both sides of your Bohemian rug to completely remove all the dust and dirt buildup. It would be best if you remain cautious, though. Since jute floor rugs are often handmade and intricate, you must follow the line of its binding and weave as you vacuum it. 

Take Out Your Rug 

Consider taking out the rug when it is warm and dry outside. Place your rug somewhere shady because placing it under direct sunlight is a big no-no. Shake your rug to make sure that all debris and particles inside it are indeed taken out. Then, let it air out for a few minutes.

Tend to Your Rug as Soon as Stains Occur

No matter how careful you are, it is understandable how sometimes stains would just appear on your rug. When this happens, make sure that you tend to them as soon as possible. Doing that could save your piece. 

What You Should Do: 

  • Get a clean, absorbent cloth or towel. If you do not have one, kitchen paper will do. 
  • Firmly press the towel and let it absorb the liquid.
  • Avoid rubbing as it could spread the stain and also ruin the fibres of the jute. 

On Red Wine Stain

  • Get a white cloth and dampen it with soda.
  • Dab the stain with the damp cloth and let it dry.
  • Repeat as needed. The soda should neutralise the spill and take out any stain.

Keep It Smelling Clean and Fresh

There is a simple trick to keep the floor rug smelling fresh and clean. Sprinkle it with baking soda and let the powder sit for the whole night. The baking soda will do an excellent job of absorbing any smell. All you need to remove the baking soda is to vacuum it again and flip it over repeatedly. That would remove the excess powder.


With its natural beauty and appeal, buying a natural jute rug for your thematic home is one of the best decisions you would ever make. But how your Bohemian-themed jute rug will look throughout the years depends on how well you care for it. It may be a durable and low maintenance rug, but some care and attention will ensure it stays as good as brand new for a long time. 

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